Saturday – October 18th is Aldercrest Fall Cleanup Day!

Twice a year neighbors gather at Aldercrest Park to clear the tennis courts, cut back weeds and pick-up trash. This Saturday, October 18th, is the next Fall cleanup.  

Everyone who appreciates or uses the open space at Aldercrest Park is invited to join the cleanup from 10am – 12pm to tidy up the park for the winter.

If you have one, bring a gas weed whacker or lawn mower – they make fast work of clearing the overgrowth! Meet at the tennis courts on 25th Ave NE.

Clearing the Aldercrest tennis courts Fall 2013

Past Aldercrest Fall Cleanup Crew - Making a Difference!

Tackling the 25th Ave Fenceline - Aldercrest Spring Cleanup 2014

Clearing Aldercrest baseball dugouts - Spring 2014

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