Thank You to Aldercrest 2014 Fall Cleanup Volunteers!

Thank you to the nine (9) hearty volunteers who shared their time, energy and equipment to clean-up the Aldercrest park area for our 2014 Fall Cleanup event.  They took down the long grass growing along the 25th Avenue fence, cleared the tenacious weeds rising from the cracks the tennis court, and picked up all the garbage around the park area.

Shawn, Gary, Cya, Mike, Patty, Don, Karen, Kenny and Alice we appreciate your dedication to the Ballinger neighborhood and helping with community stewardship of the park.  Together you help keep Aldercrest a better looking part of our neighborhood, and a more pleasant place for everyone to enjoy – whether walking the track, running dogs, practicing soccer, or playing in the courts.

The next Aldercrest Park clean-up will be in the spring of 2015.  We invite all neighbors and park users to join the effort and show appreciation for having this precious green space in our neighborhood!

Tennis courts BEFORE 2014 Fall cleanupTennis courts AFTER 2014 Fall cleanup







Gary clears fenceline at 2014 Fall cleanupVolunteers work garabage pickup at 2014 Fall cleanup

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