Ballinger Project Updates at March BALNA Meeting!

Don’t miss our next BALNA Meeting – Monday, March 6, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM.  The Ballinger Neighborhood Association (BALNA) is happy to give you the opportunity to meet and hear from key City project managers about projects impacting our neighborhood: the North Maintenance Facility, 25th Avenue NE Flood Reduction, and 25th Avenue NE Sidewalks projects. Below is more detail.

This is your chance to discuss these activities directly with the project managers – meeting attendees are encouraged to ask questions and give input on these projects!

**NORTH MAINTENANCE FACILITY: Project Manager Noel Hupprich will provide an update on the current status of this project. The City has completed a preliminary design analysis for development of the Brugger’s Bog site for a new City Maintenance Facility which identified program requirements, developed multiple site layouts and estimated cost of the project at around $21 to $23M. The preliminary design analysis was presented to City Council last October and with that information, City Council directed staff to complete a separate maintenance facility location analysis. The purpose of this work is to identify other potential sites within the City that can meet the City’s maintenance needs at a lower cost or confirm that the Brugger’s Bog (North Maintenance Facility) site is the best location and value.

**25th AVE NE FLOOD REDUCTION PROJECT: Project Manager John Featherstone will provide an update on the current status of this project and likely next steps. The City is currently reviewing various a small selection of potential approaches developed to reduce flooding along 25th Avenue NE between Brugger’s Bog Park and NE 195th Street. Over the next several weeks the City will solicit feedback from numerous stakeholders (including this neighborhood) in order to help to shape and select the preferred long-term approach to reduce flooding.

**25th AVE NE SIDEWALKS PROJECT: This project will extend the sidewalk along the west side of 25th Avenue NE from NE 195th Place to NE 200th Street. The City is currently considering potentially including this sidewalk extension as either (1) part of the frontage improvements for the North Maintenance Facility, or (2) part of the improvements installed under the 25th Avenue NE Flood Reduction Project. Decisions made in the coming months for both of those projects will help to clarify the optimal timing and project association for this work.

BALNA Meeting are held at the Shoreline Water District, 1519 NE 177th St, Shoreline, WA.

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