Bruggers Bog Planting update

Volunteers at Bruggers Bog Park planted 35 pots of new plants today, Saturday, March 10:

  • a new hemlock to replace the one that died of exposure the first winter of planting in 2008,
  • a cascara by the birch trees NE of the bridge,
  • an Oregon ash on the down near the stream in the SE area, more Oregon grape (tall, sun loving, and low, shade loving),
  • more sword ferns,
  • twinberry (another new plant for this site that blooms very early and provides some of the first fruit available to the birds),
  • miner’s lettuce (you might think it’s a weed so please be thoughtful before removing something you don’t recognize),
  • a mock orange,
  • some piggy back plants,
  • more snowberries.

Richard Tinsley, Washington native plant steward, kindly donated the plants. Richard Tinsley carefully gathered the plants from plant salvages and cared for them until planted in the new location at Bruggers Bog Park.  The bog continues to look better with each planting and with some watering by the neighborhood this summer will do very well.

A big thank you to Richard Tinsley and Boni Biery for their dedicated work on Bruggers Bog Park!

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