Bruggers Bog Weeding Accomplished – July 6

On Friday, July 6, a group of gloved and ready volunteers, five from Berean Christian Church, arrived to help with the Lyon Creek stream-side restoration at Brugger’s Bog. With only a little guidance they went to work digging up the roots of the blackberry plants which are still trying to take over the stream bank. Volunteers also moved mulch to cover the grass around the most recent plantings.

By the end of four hours, the blackberries, and morning glory had been removed once again providing opportunity for the native plants to continue to grow and eventually “shade out” the undesirable invasive plants.

If you go to Bruggers Bog Park you will see the two large piles of invasive plants removed,  the mulch pile moved with a better view of the local natives planted along the banks of Lyon Creek.

A big thank you to all that came out to help Boni Biery weed Bruggers Bog Park.  A special thank you to Berean Christian Church Grace Gospel Fellowship annual Family Bible Conference members for coming out to help with the weeding at the park.  You have made a difference!

Weeding Team at Bruggers Bog Park, July 2012

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