Activities are what bring community members together.  In Ballinger Neighborhood, we have a variety of events and activities that you can participate in and/or volunteer to help.

Outdoor movie night is our big event of the year. Visit the Movie Night Page for more information.

Ballinger Neighborhood Community Garden is an on-going project to erect raised beds for community planting and create a garden for giving.  If you are interested in this community project, go to their new website dedicated to the passion of gardening: Community Garden-About Us

Bruggers Bog Park Restoration and Planting is an on-going project to remove invasive plants along the park’s creek and replace them with native species to encourage a flourishing natural environment.  You can learn all about the work and accomplishments of the volunteers at the Bruggers Bog Planting page.

Neighborhood Cleanup efforts, particularly at Aldercrest Annex, is an event that Ballinger Neighborhood community members organize to pick up the litter and whack back the weeds. To learn more about the cleanup efforts, go to the Cleanup page.

If you are interested in participating in any of these events, contact us with questions or get on our email list for notifications.


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