Ballinger Neighborhood Association’s Adopt-A-Road litter pick up has moved its litter pickup location to 25th Ave NE!  Ballinger Neighborhood Association has adopted 25th Ave NE from Ballinger Way and to 205th and will hold 4 litter pick up events through the year along this stretch of road.  Neighbors and community members are encouraged to participate. If you are interested in participating, contact us.

Adopt-A-Road Crew Oct 27, 2012

Adopt-A-Road crew, October 27, 2012:  Patty Dooley, Kathy Parnell, Don Lacourse, Sherry Schmode, Alice Lawson, Nancy Moreyra.  Thank you all for participating in Ballinger Neighborhood Association’s Adopt-A-Road litter pick up.

The City of Shoreline’s Adopt-a-Road program provides opportunities for organizations to adopt a stretch of City-maintained road to cleaning the roadway at least four times per year. This program aims to:

  • To reduce litter along Shoreline roadways, while increasing community pride.
  • To keep our surrounding environment, including storm water inlets, clean.
  • To increase public awareness and demonstrate positive action about the issue of littering.


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